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Language Translator, Translate 40 Languages Voice Translator with Intelligent Speech Recognition Technology for Learning, Travelling, Business





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    Language Translator, Translate 40 Languages Voice Translator with Intelligent Speech Recognition Technology for Learning, Travelling, Business

    Main highlights
    • 【Voice Translation】Intelligent voice recognition technology to make cross language communication easier. Translate your speech into high quality foreign language text and transmit into voice output.
    • 【Two-Way Real Time Intercom】 Two-Way translator can be used to communicate face to face, and solve communication obstacles. Giving you the most suitable translation results in real time, fast response in seconds.Small and portable, so convenient to carry with wherever you go.
    • 【Recognize Photo Translation 】 Choose the language you want to translate, and take a photo of the original language text by your mobile phone, it can translate in high precision.
    • 【Multiple Languages Translation】Smart voice translator support up to 40 languages translation, each language can be translated to each other.
    • 【2.4G Wireless Connection】 Easy to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth in seconds, making the translation more convenient and accurate.Built-in 3.7V 750mA rechargeable battery, low power consumption, plug and easily charge.

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